This software is made available for owners for Kodak's DC120 digital camera who would like to convert the .kdc files produced by the camera to .tiff or .jpeg files using Linux or other UNIX machines. kdc2tiff and kdc2jpeg pay particular attention to:

In particular, the scaling algorithm takes into account the Bayer pattern of the CCD (pixels have one colour only, not three) and the exact (non-square) dimensions of the pixels. As soon as I figure out how to do colour correction properly, I plan to add it to this software.

This software is free software licenced under the General Public Licence (GPL).

Sample Images

To see some sample images produced by this software, visit my Virtual Photo Album online demo. Legend is as follows:


Note: kdc2tiff does not read DC40/50 kdc files, see the news section for more details.


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